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Extension services

Are you ready to change your life?

I can tell you from personal experience, hair extensions can be life changing. 

Reasons to consider hair extensions

  • Your hair never seems to grow. 

  • Your hair has been thinning out as you get older

  • You've been struggling with fine hair your entire life and are final ready to have longer thicker hair.

Worry not, I have you covered! 

I am certified in 4 different extension installation methods. My two preferred methods are keratin tips and sew in beaded wefts, hand- tied or volume weft. 

Pricing can vary depending on your goals. If you are just adding fullness, or adding length and fullness. And which method, some have more maintenance than others.

We will sit down during your consultation and figure out your extension goals. I will evaluate your current hair and lifestyle to recommend which method would work best. I will explain thoroughly the home care to ensure you know how to nurture your investment to last to the fullest potential. The weft hair can be used anywhere from 6 months- 1 year depending on at home care.


Consultations are free, however a deposit is required to make an installation appointment. 

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Wavy Hair
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Beaded row sew in method

This method includes adding rows of beads that I then sew in either hand tied,  volume wefts or the new Q-weft in.  This is the fastest way to add the most hair possible to your hair. 

Maintenance is every 6-7 week you come in for a quick 30 minute move up. Assuming the proper care was taken, most clients are able to do 2 move up before a reinstall is required. 

Keratin Tip Extensions

Keratin fusion tip extensions are a strand by strand method that fuses an extension to an equivalent amount of hair. These can be adjusted to smaller sizes as needed for finer areas. These also have a 360 degree rotation capability that makes them super flexible for a lot of lifestyles. 
Keratins will need to be removed at 4-6 months. 

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